The Classic Collection

Inspired by minimalism and simplicity. Using natural, sustainable materials and a neutral palette to create calm, and welcoming moments.


Lansdell Co.

Hello, I'm the founder of Lansdell Co. When I was younger I really had no clue where in the world I wanted to go, or what to focus on. I just knew I wanted to be a person who contributed good things to this planet, and people. I spent a lot of time searching for things and found to work on things that I was good at, not necessary what was right for me, certainly not things that made me happy on a deep level.

I've always found peace in solitude, no matter what is going on I am able to stay very calm, perhaps even see the humour in things too. I like to think that is my superpower.

After becoming a journalist, to totally broke, then working up to a senior role in a fortune 100 company all before the age of 30, like a lot of people I realised it was the journey that made me happiest, even when it was hard.

Sadly, I put my all into things, and during this time I put my health last. I ignored my need for nutritious food and movement and ignored my own voice for hobbies and things I wanted.

I set up Lansdell Co. as a way for people to re-connect with themselves, that self-love and self-care is not selfish, they're imperative. Listening to yourself is more important than a trend or expectation.

I hope this brand and products bring you moments of peace and contribute to your happiness in good conscious that it is helping the planet, even in some small way.

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